Friday, October 15, 2010

Chad's Honeymoon Report, Part 1

The vast majority of this information comes courtesy of Morgan's new blog, Tully in Training: Chad and Morgan's Honeymoon Adventure ( Given her top-notch insight and analysis into FVG matters (from the female perspective), one can only hope she continues writing when they return home.

Current Location: Fiji
Is today the day waivers clear?
Number of Days without functional ESPN: 7

Number of Dollars (per day) spent for the privilege of surfing 30 (I'd probably pay triple that, for the record, if I were in his shoes. These hotels must know things like that.)

Number of Transactions Made by Chad's fantasy team:  3

Number of Those Transactions Made by Chad (and not his designated "proxy"): TBD


-Chad, approximately 48 minutes into the honeymoon, chatting with a Newark Airport ticket agent: 
CHAD: … yup, going on our honeymoon…. Fiji, New Zealand, Australia...
TICKET AGENT: That is so great! I went on my honeymoon to Tahiti at this exact time last year. You’re going to really enjoy it!
CHAD: Tahiti, huh? What was the TV situation there? Were you able to catch any of the games?
GATE AGENT: Dude, it’s your honeymoon! You won’t be thinking about football.
CHAD: (smiles and turns away).

-Chad, approximately 45 seconds into their 45 minute drive to the hotel:
CHAD: (to driver) So, what’s the NFL football situation in Fiji?
-Chad, at 7am Sunday morning, trying to log into Ramsey’s DirecTV account:
MORGAN: (After watching Chad enter and re-enter the same password five times) What seems to be the problem, Chad?
CHAD: I can’t log in to Ramsey’s DirecTV account and ESPN isn’t working.
MORGAN: Well, it says that there is another used logged in.
CHAD: Dammit!!!!! F*cking Ramsey, giving his password to everyone!
-30 Seconds Later...
CHAD: Hello, is this the front desk? ESPN isn’t working on my television. Is there anyone who can help?

Weekend Picks

Arkansas (+4) @ Auburn (Sat, 3:30 ET). People dismissed the Hogs after they blew that late lead to Alabama. They won't after this one.
Ohio State (-4) @ Wisconsin (Sat, 7:00 ET). I really wanted to take the Badgers here, but then the line came out way lower than expected. Maybe it's because OSU's 5-1 ATS and Wisconsin's 1-5.

Western Kentucky (-2) vs. Louisiana-Monroe (Sat, 7:00 ET). Why include this game? Because the Hilltoppers are looking their first ever D-1 victory ever, and this could finally be the week they get it.

Hawaii (+7) vs. Nevada (Sat, 11:30 ET). And why include this game? Well, the late start helps. And I just like to think about being in Hawaii.

Rams (+9) vs. Chargers (Sun, 1:00 ET). Last week was all the proof I needed: The Chargers are not a good team on the road.

Broncos (+3) vs. Jets (Sun, 4:00 ET). As we saw in their opening game, the Jets are a team susceptible to Kool-Aid drinking, and I think they're a little overserved right now.

Last Week: 3-3
Season: 17-13-1