Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The FVG Move-In, Phase 1

Because of our staggered leases, Lindsey and I are moving in together in two phases. The second phase -- the more "permanent" one -- will begin Nov. 1, when we settle down in a one-bedroom of both of our choosing. The first phase begins on August 1st, with Lindsey moving in...to my studio.

Lindsey's worried about where all the stuff will go. I'm not. Not because I know where the stuff will go (my studio is 350 sq feet), but because it's just not the kind of thing I worry about. I'll hang up more coat hooks.

Lindsey's worried the cramped lifestyle will cause us to get in more fights. I'm not. I'm sure we'll get in fights, but honestly, who worries about fights they haven't even gotten in yet?

There is one thing I am worried about, however. Quite worried.

How do we make it three months with one TV?

Hey...how ya doin?
In a one-bedroom apartment, you can have two TVs, both going at the same time. But in a studio, that doesn't work (well, it could -- sports can be watched without sound if necessary...  Somewhere in Manhattan, Lindsey just said 'no'). And unlike storage space, watching unhealthy amounts of sports is NOT something I like to compromise.

Fortunately, the timing isn't as bad as it first seems. August is a wash -- the 2nd worst sports month there is. Football starts in September, but remains largely a weekend entity until November. The Mets won't be making the playoffs, and the NFL could even start late this year, which would only help.

It obviously isn't ideal. I'd prefer not to have to check the Bravo schedule as often as I check the football schedule, or even consider watching a game tape-delayed on DVR. But I signed up for this. Love is about sacrifices.

Some are just harder than others.

ADDENDUM: Lindsey and her roommates got their lease extended one month, making the new FVG move-in date September 1st (a.k.a. the first night of the football season)... What a way to start!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Welcome to the Dark Period

After the NBA Finals ends, I watch postgame coverage until way past my bedtime. I'm a sucker for watching them celebrate. They work impossibly hard for this. The least I can do is share their moment with them.

But there's another reason I watch until SportsCenter starts running it on loop, and it's not because I hate the Tony awards. It's because I know that once my TV goes off and my head hits the pillow, The Dark Period begins.

The Dark Period is the two-and-a-half month stretch from the final horn of the NBA Finals to the opening kickoff of college football. And boy is it boring. We're talking baseball, soccer, bullfighting, and golf. We're so deprived, we look forward to the Hot Dog Eating Contest. We explore our other interests and spend more time outside. We, you know, be social.

There can be exceptions. Last year, we had the World Cup. Next year, we'll have the Olympics. The Mets might one day be relevant (they're actually overachieving a bit this...OK fine I'll stop). But it's mostly darkness. Literally. Without live sports, I usually don't even turn on the television.

Lindsey called me shortly after the game ended, and asked me if I was sad that basketball was over.

"Very," I said. "It's the Dark Period now."

"I know," she answered. "But it's gonna be OK."

Her tone was oddly genuine, and for a second, my heart filled with hope. Did she know something I didn't? Was she about to surprise me with a trip so amazing I wouldn't even think about sports? Had she solved the NFL labor dispute and convinced them to start a month early?!?! 

"Why is that?" 

"Because while you were watching the game, I was watching Bravo, and saw previews for new seasons of Flipping Out, Platinum Hit, Rocco's Dinner Party, and Real Housewives! There's so much to look forward to!!!"

The wind left my sails, and The Dark Period began.

"Can't wait."