Friday, December 4, 2009

The Dorm

Two years ago, Chad sat me down in the living room to have a heart-to-heart. After six years of living together -- through college, Boston, and two places in New York -- he was leaving me, to move in with his girlfriend. A few months later, he packed up and left 7M.

And moved three floors downstairs, to 4J.

A year later, it was my other roommate, Devin. He really enjoyed living with me and Ramsey (who took Chad's place), he said, but it was time for him to move in with his girlfriend. He went two floors down, to 5H.

Our building had become The Dorm.

Ever since we finished college -- when we scoured the city of Boston for a six-person apartment -- my friends and I have had a tough time leaving each other. So when the time inevitably came to move in with our girlfriends, it only made sense we'd figure out a way to soften the blow.

Some of you might think it's cute. Most of you might think it's pathetic. Two years ago, I might have agreed with you. But now, having seen it in action, I'm starting to think it's genius.

Our friends' relationships are thriving. Ramsey and I watch just as many games with them as we used to. The girlfriends love the alone time. And Devin -- who's known to sleepwalk and lock himself out --  now has a three times better chance of not ending up in the hallway.

Oh, and no one paid a broker's fee.

My generation takes advantage of hindsight. We've watched half our parents' marriages end in divorce, and we get married later than they did because of it. Not surprisingly, divorce is down. We understand the advantages of easing into things. Perhaps this is our latest innovation: A way to move in...without moving out.

Tonight we're throwing an Around the World party, with a different drink in each of our rooms. Yep, just like in college. For being a loyal reader of my blog, you're more than welcome to come.

The Dorm definitely felt weird at first. But clearly, we've embraced it.

And when Judgment Day comes for you and your friends, I recommend you consider doing the same.

Weekend Picks

Cincinnati (-2)
@ Pittsburgh (12:00 ET). Cincy wasn't even supposed to be good this year, let alone undefeated and BCS bound. Enjoy Brian Kelly, Bearcat fans. He won't be around much longer.

Alabama (+6)
vs. Florida (4:00 ET). Ingram wins the Heisman, Bama wins the SEC, I hate Nick Saban even more.

Nebraska (+14.5)
vs. Texas (8:00 ET). This year's title picture has been way too neat, hasn't it? It's time for Big Red to mess things up.

Alabama-Cincinnati BCS title game, anyone? Hmmm, doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

Last Week: 1-6
(I knew posting my record each week was a bad idea)
Record to Date: 25-30-3