Friday, November 27, 2009

Observations from Thanksgiving '09

My grandma's getting wilier in her old age.
My brother Greg wasn't feeling well, so Nana made him tea.....and spiked it with whiskey. She had no plans to tell him, so I didn't either.

The sides are better than the turkey.
And it's not even close. I think people only say they like turkey better because they're afraid Sarah Palin will find out, and accuse them of not being real Americans.

If this were 20 years ago, Lindsey's family would have a fresh batch of home movies.
We were at her parents' house a while back, and her mom played all her home movies for me. Every one of them was from Thanksgiving. I think it's the only day they remembered to tape. Still, it's more than I can say for my brother Robby. I think we have his first birthday, and that's it.

When speaking to senior citizens, it doesn't matter how loud you say it, you still have to say it twice.

Our family beagle, Ricky, CAN'T go 12 straight hours trying to get everyone's food.
He took a half-hour nap.

Thanksgiving is still the best holiday. Period.
Including Robby's team's thrilling 30-28 win over Greenwich, I watched 12 hours of football yesterday.

Bring it on, Christmas.