Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bravo, Bravo. You Could Be a Lot Worse.

We've already established that my favorite thing to watch is football. We've also established there are nights of the week where there isn't any football, and that on these nights I watch whatever my girlfriend wants to watch.

Well, inevitably, what my girlfriend wants to watch, is Bravo. And, since it's not like I have a choice, I'm very, very pleased to make the following generalization: It's really not that terrible.

So without further ado, here is the Football vs. Girlfriend Bravo Show Report Card....

(Note: Grades are relative to football getting an 'A', so don't expect the honor roll.)

Flipping Out. A relatively new show. Or at least not one Lindsey watched until this year. It's about this gay guy Jeff who -- you guessed it -- flips houses. Jeff's funny, and I love the housekeeper, Zoila. But the action's a bit boring for my taste. FVG Grade: C-

Millionaire Matchmaker. Or as Lindsey calls it, "Patti" (after over-the-top host Patti Stanger, pictured). This show is what it says it is: A woman helping rich-but-inept guys find love. And it's pretty funny. I even looked forward to watching it once. But then the Bulls-Celtics playoff game went to three overtimes. FVG Grade: C+

The Rachel Zoe Project. I really like this show, and I'm still not sure why. The premise couldn't be dumber: Rachel helps celebrities pick outfits, with help from her assistant (Taylor), who's relentlessly mean to Brad, the gay intern. That's it. I was so positive I'd hate this show, but in the end, I just didn't. It's hysterical. I've watched three in a row before. FVG Grade: B-

Top Chef. I know guys and girls alike love these cooking shows, but I just don't see it. If I'm gonna stare at delicious food for an hour, I better get to eat it. FVG Grade: D

Real Housewives of (Whatever). This one really is that terrible. FVG Grade: F