Monday, September 14, 2009

The Weekly Football Schedule (For Girlfriends)

After 11 consecutive hours of football on Sunday, Chad sweetly reminded his fiancé Morgan that he'd need his Monday night to watch football, too. Exasperated, Morgan asked, "Is football every day of the week?"

My first thought was, 'Come on Morgan, this isn't your first rodeo'. It's the couple's fourth football season together -- she should know the deal by now, right? But then it hit me: Maybe, just maybe, it doesn't always occur to girlfriends to plan their lives around football.

So Morgan (and all other girlfriends out there), the following schedule is for you. And to answer your question: No, football isn't every day of the week.

But it's close.

MONDAY: Monday Night Football. Basically a must-watch. Pretty much any NFL game is a must-watch.

TUESDAY: Usually nothing, sometimes mid-major college football for the true degenerates. GREAT Quality Time Night (QTN).

WEDNESDAY: Same as Tuesday. Great QTN opportunity. Smart boyfriends make the most of Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

THURSDAY: A tricky one. Differs by the week. Starting in November, there's an NFL game every Thursday, and college football often has a good matchup, too. Check with him first.

FRIDAY: Usually just average college football. A savvy boyfriend plans a Friday date night, scoring valuable points for when he starts avoiding you the rest of the weekend.

SATURDAY: College football extravaganza. Great games all day and night. If something has to be Saturday, make it early: Games usually get better (and more 'must-see') as the day progresses.

SUNDAY: 'And on the Seventh Day, He Watched Football.' You should already know this by now. But if this is your first season together, I ask of you one thing: Let him have Sunday.

I promise, you'll both be happier.