Saturday, January 29, 2011

FVG Blog Review: The Kingsbury Factor

It's not easy being a white shooter in Division I college basketball. You're (relatively) short, weak, slow, and unathletic, and while the other players use a whole arsenal of weapons to win basketball games, you just keep shooting. It's all you've got.

Literally the only picture of CK on the internet
But there's also something lovable about the white shooter. And now, he finally has his day in the sun. Because after years of talking about it, my good friend Kevin Alexander has finally created the first ever blog devoted to "the short(ish) white dude who can shoot the trey".

It's called The Kingsbury Factor, after Chris Kingsbury (pictured), his favorite white shooter from growing up (or at least the most random one). If you've never heard of him, you've hit on the reason the blog bears his namesake: Chris couldn't do anything except shoot, so he never amounted to anything. TKF does bi-weekly rankings of the top-20 white shooters in Division I, and players seem to get points not just for their ability to shoot the three, but for their inability to do anything else. Kevin knows there's a million places we can read about Kobe, LeBron, and players who do everything well. No one needs to hear more about them. TKF is more of a blog about hope -- for the guys who can only do one thing. But maybe, if they do that one thing really, really well, they can succeed anyway.

But probably not.

Now, I know what you're saying, girlfriends. This blog sounds funny, and smart in its focus, but what's in it for me? Plenty. Not a paragraph goes by without a pop culture reference, link to an early-nineties music video, reference to a player's handsomeness, or some combination of the three. Much as I like to think FVG does, TKF includes everyone in the narrative. Everyone gets to have fun.

With football season about to end, and the rest of us starting to watch more and more college hoops, hopefully The Kingsbury Factor will cause us all to appreciate the sport in a whole new way. I know it will for me. And while we're on the subject, I want to give a shout-out to my favorite white shooter of all-time: Someone who might not ever crack The Kingsbury Factor's top 20, but will always be my #1........

Lindsey Mongrain, Grace HS Lady Eagles 

So please, check out The Kingsbury Factor. If you like this blog, I really think you'll like that one. And if you want bonus coverage of Lindsey's sister Kristen playing 4th grade basketball, please contact me or her mother directly.

(J/K, Kristen!!!!)