Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Well Planned Surprise

Happy Birthday!!!  OK bye!
Lindsey had her birthday evening all figured out. We’d arrive home from the airport, get cozy on the couch, order Luzzo’s, turn on the Oscars, and talk about dresses.

Never was I happier to have planned an all-girls surprise party.

Tonight also happened to be Knicks-Heat. On national television. With Carmelo.

I won't go as far as to say this was the reason I planned the party. But let's just say I was aware the game was being played.

The surprise went swimmingly. Linds was too focused on dresses and pizza to suspect anything. We made small talk with the guests and told them about our trip. But Lindsey’s one-track mind was just as strong as mine.


I took that as my cue to leave, and raced down the stairs and onto 1st Avenue. I hopped in a cab, got out at Boston Market, and got home just in time for tip-off. (Actually, it was forty-five seconds in. My stuffing wasn’t ready when I ordered it.)

The game was epic. Without a doubt the most fun I’ve had watching the Knicks in 10 years. The NY fans were out in full force, so much so that they booed LeBron and chanted “De-fense” -- even though the game was in Miami. New York closed out the 1st half with a 16-0 run, and the 2nd with a 15-4 run to win the game by five. Carmelo was awesome. Carmelo is awesome. The media will surely follow up with 800 stories about how New York basketball is really and truly back. I will attempt to read all of them.

I even tweeted about it. At Chad’s behest, I’ll now be supplementing my blog with real-time twitter updates, so you can get even more FVG!

Once you start tweeting, you get sort of addicted to checking. You want to know what people are saying about the Knicks right as it happens. And you even learn a little about that surprised party you planned.

Maria:   “James Franco can I have what you’re having?”
Katie:    “Anne Hathaway's stylist=Rachel Zoe. Thanks credits for confirming.”
Kristen: RT “sandra bullock, you are my absolute favorite. complete class act”

I had no idea what any of them were talking about.

Life was good.