Friday, October 2, 2009

The Clothes Make the Schedule

(Lindsey's alma mater, The University of Oklahoma, has a BIG game tomorrow night against Miami, which I'd assumed we'd watch at Overlook, the OU alumni bar. Then Lindsey dropped this bombshell on me...)

LINDS: So...(Bracing for a freakout) I don't think I'm gonna watch the whole game tomorrow night.

ME: (Freaking out) What??? Why?

LINDS: I need to get ready for Lauren's party.

ME: What? But it's a huge game!

LINDS: Yeah, but there's no time to get ready between the game and the party.

ME: So? Why can't you get ready before the game?

LINDS: I'm not wearing my going-out outfit to the bar.

ME: Why?

LINDS: I'm not gonna watch the whole game, OK?

ME: But it's a huge game!

LINDS: (Gives the "this discussion is over" stare)

ME: Well can I watch the whole game?


ME: Phew.

Saturday Picks

Kentucky (+16)
vs. Alabama (12:20 ET). Alabama looks great so far, but I don't think Kentucky gets blown out of the water at home two weeks in a row.

Georgia (-3)
vs. LSU (3:30 ET). Both these teams are 1-3 ATS. I'm hoping LSU's the more overrated of the two.

Cal (+6)
vs. USC (8:00 ET). I thought Cal would be favored in this game. Seems like an overreaction to Cal's blowout loss. USC hasn't looked dominant at all so far.

Oklahoma (-7)
@ Miami (8:00 ET). Time to see how Landry and his "molestache" do against big-time competition. My (biased) opinion is that he does pretty well.

Washington St. (+35) @ Oregon (9:15 ET). I've seen both these teams play, and they're not 35 points apart.

Last Week: 2-3
Year to Date: 5-4-1