Friday, October 16, 2009

Football IS Girlfriend?

Tonight, the feisty San Diego Seduction host the top rated Dallas Desire. They're calling it "David vs. Goliath". Dallas is a 7-point road favorite.

Never heard of either of them? Well they're not two bottom-feeding teams from the WAC. They're two of the 10 charter members of the Lingerie Football League.

Yes, the LFL is what you think it is, and no, it's not a gimmick. Check out the video: It's not patty-cake. There's some HITTIN goin on!

First of all, let me be clear -- I think this is a fantastic, innovative idea. And as a copywriter, I even love the tag: 'True Fantasy Football'. And I'm telling you, these girls are GOOD. The LFL founders didn't half-ass this one. They thought of everything, from overtime rules to play clocks to playoff formats. They've even got TV deals with local broadcasters.

From a Football vs. Girlfriend perspective, however, I just don't see it working. Because if your girlfriend already isn't crazy about football, you can go ahead and double down that she's not gonna like this. Girlfriends resent football for dominating our time, money, and thoughts. But at least the culprits are large, scary men. Now it's sexy women?

Also, the LFL has (smartly) scheduled their games for Friday nights, so as to never compete against college or pro. But, as we've been over, boyfriends are on a weekly schedule, and they only get so many nights a week allotted for football. How are you going to explain to her that you need to add another night...for this?

So, I guess the LFL fails the FVG test. It never really had a chance. But there's a lot of single guys out there.

And if you're one of them, what's not to love?

Saturday Picks

Dallas Desire (-7)
@ San Diego (Friday Night, 9PM PT). Home 'dogs usually play well on Friday nights. But these are women in shoulder pads and garter belts, so I think you have to throw trends out the window. I'm going with Goliath.

Oklahoma (+3) vs. Texas (12:00 ET). As Robby mentioned last week, sometimes I bet with my heart. But this line is lower than most people thought it would be (given OU's tough start), and I'm hoping that, as Lee Corso would say, "Somebody knows something".

USC (-10) @ Notre Dame (3:30 ET). I think the "Bush Push" game four years ago where ND almost pulled the upset is the only thing keeping this line respectable. USC won every other game in the last 7 years by more than 30.

Virginia Tech (-3) @ Georgia Tech (6:00 ET). In the battle of the Techs, I like the Hokies. I know it's on the road, but the road team is 4-1 ATS in the last five games between these two.

South Carolina (+17) @ Alabama (7:45 ET). I've bet against Alabama three times this year, and lost all three times. Guess I haven't learned my lesson.

Arizona St. (-6.5) vs. Washington (10:15 ET). I needed a late game, and this is as late as it gets. The favorite's covered the last five spreads in this series.

Last Week: 3-2
Record to Date: 8-11-1