Thursday, October 8, 2009

You Win Some, You Lose Some. Except When You Don't Win Any.

Wow. 0-5 last weekend. I never claimed to be good at betting, but 0-5 is impressive.

Nevertheless, I'm all smiles today, because tomorrow Football vs. Girlfriend hits the road for beautiful Oxford, Mississippi, for the Alabama-Ole Miss game. I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED FOR THIS TRIP. Here are some of the things I'm looking forward to:

1) Two New States. Tennessee (we fly in and out of Memphis), and Mississippi. I love new states. You get to see what the people are like, and what fast food chains they have.

2) Southern Accents. I've always envied a hard-core Southern accent. I try and sneak a y'all in every now and then, but it never works.

3) Buying Ole Miss Stuff. I'm obviously not an Ole Miss fan, but as soon as I get to Oxford, I'm gonna buy myself a T-shirt, wear it the whole time, yell until I lose my voice, and nobody's ever gonna know. Plus, like my dad, I'm a sucker for anything with a college logo on it.

4) Checking in with Lindsey. OK, so maybe I just included this one to stay on blog-topic, but checking in during trips like these has really been painless, and even enjoyable. She just cares that I stay safe, and put product in my hair when I go out.

5) Sunday in Memphis. Apparently there's a bunch of cool stuff to see in Memphis. So we're gonna find a sports bar, sit inside, and watch football all day.

6) Walking into the stadium right before the game, and taking it in. I will NEVER forget walking into the Cotton Bowl minutes before last year's OU-Texas game, wearing my roommate's fake binoculars filled with rum, and seeing 95,000 fans perfectly split down the middle -- half crimson, half orange -- and getting the feeling that every single one of them had never been more excited for anything in their life.

Doesn't get any better than that.

Bounce-back Saturday Picks:

Hello FVG Fans, this is Matt's brother Robby (I apologize for not being the good-luck charm Matt referred to me as in his first set of picks). Anyway, since Matt doesn't have internet access in Mississippi, he hired me to post his "much awaited picks to be posted Friday once I get to Oxford". Honestly, though, after going 0-5 last week, the only way to get value from this post is probably to pick against whatever Matt picks.

Louisiana Tech (+10.5) @ Nevada. (Friday Night) I'm not gonna pretend that I've seen either of these teams play this year, and I'm not too discouraged about it. Frankly, I don't even know why Matt picked this one.

Arkansas (+3) vs. Auburn. (12:00). I love SEC teams at home, and the Hogs looked great against Texas A&M last week.

Ole Miss (+5.5) vs. Alabama. (3:30) Has Alabama been the most impressive team in the nation so far this year? I think so. Does Matt often pick games solely because he's rooting for that team? Yes. But I actually agree with him on this one. Again, SEC team at home.

Oklahoma (-25) vs. Baylor. (3:30) Robert Griffin's done for the year, and I think the OU defense will take out their anger against Griffin's backup. You might be reluctant after OU's ugly showing last week, but with Bradford likely back, the Sooners might be running up the score.

Florida (-7) @ LSU. (8:00) DO NOT PICK THE GATORS IN THIS GAME. Even if Florida goes to Death Valley at night and wins (which they won't), there is no way it's by more than 7. Plus, Tebow is very questionable. FLORIDA HAS NO CHANCE OF WINNING BY 8 OR MORE. Remember, Matt did go 0-5 last week.

Although you're probably reluctant to use Matt's picks (and for good reason), I am in first out of 10 in my pick'em league, and I agree with the Arkansas, Ole Miss, and OU picks. Don't bet on the Louisiana Tech game..are you really gonna want to watch it? And BET ON LSU. They are a lock.

Have a happy College Football Saturday.

Last Week: 0-5 (it hurts even to type it)
Record to Date: 5-9-1